Following list describes the main features of UDB Workbench:

Flexible Connectivity

  • Support DB2 UDB 6.X/7.X/8.X/9.X
  • Support loading schemas through ODBC or through schema DDL file that generated by the tool or that generated by DB2LOOK

Integrated "Diff" Tool for Database Comparison as well as Data Comparison

  • Color-coded side-by-side comparison makes it easy to pinpoint at a glance
  • Allow edit and synchronize data comparison results

Generate Synchronization Script for Database Schema Synchronization

  • User will be alerted when synchronization script contains any warnings, such as, data truncation, incompatible data type conversion, etc.
  • Permit user to review and manually update synchronization script prior to executing it

Easy Database Object Manipulation

  • Support scripting database objects
  • Support long script execution. If script was executed from the beginning to the end and error has occurred, the statement where the error occurred will be highlighted
  • Schema in database explorer will be updated automatically after execution of DDL statements

Powerful SQL Editor

  • Recognize complex SQL syntax such as, derived table, common table expression (CTE), nested query, etc.
  • Support Intellisense-like code completion that supports wildcard search, parameter hinting and tooltip information
  • Support SQL formatting; include letter case conversion, for example, "TITLECASE" -> "TitleCase", "CAMELCASE" -> "camelCase", etc.
  • Support line revision marks, split view, full screen edit, drag-and-drop edit, column mode edit, code folding, wildcard search and replace, multiple levels of undo and redo, Unicode and DOS/UNIX/MAC formatted files

Convenient Query Tool

  • Allow grouping, filtering, searching, editing and sorting
  • Table and record views to see data the way you like it
  • Query results can be exported to Excel spreadsheet or as a set of SQL statements
  • Support results in text

Other Useful Features

  • Convenient to view dependencies between database objects
  • Generate script to recover invalid database objects, recovering objects include inoperative views, inoperative triggers and incorrect NEXTVAL of identity columns
  • Generate script to export data, import data, load data, REORG tables and RUNSTATS tables