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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How to order a license for UDB Workbench?
Please go to the Purchase page, choose a license type to purchase, specify a computer name or a register name and quantity to order (i.e. number of users), and click the "Buy Now" button to submit your order to our payment partner.
2. Is it safe to purchase online?
Ordering is completely safe because our online store resides on a secure server and your credit card details are protected at all times using state of the art encryption technology. Please note that we do not store credit card information anywhere. Before transferring, all information is encrypted using SSL industry-standard encryption.
3. What shall I receive after payment?
A unique serial number will be e-mailed to the address you specified at the payment site within one to two business days.
4. I didn't receive my serial number.
Please check if serial number was delivered to your spam/junk mail folder, or you could send an e-mail to Support with additional contact.


1. What types of licenses do you provide?
There are two types of licenses: computer usage license and user usage license, which computer usage license is a machine-based license that each license is tied to a computer name and will work with that computer only; On the other hand, user usage license is a user-based license that one license is required per user and Internet connection is required for software activation.
2. How often can I activate my user usage license?
Each user usage license can have maximum of 3 activations every month or 10 activations every year.
3. Can I update to the latest version of UDB Workbench for free?
Yes, but please uninstall the previous version before installing the latest one, Note: Neither re-input of registration information nor software re-activation will be required for version update.
4. What kind of license should I buy if computer name may be changed in the future?
If computer name may be changed in the future, you should buy user usage license.


1. What is the difference between trial version and registered version?
The trial version is a fully functional product. You can use it for evaluation purpose. If you want to use it on a regular basis, you must register it.
2. How do I register UDB Workbench? I have the serial number I purchased.
Please choose "Register" function from the "Help" menu, paste the serial number from authorization e-mail, key in your registered name and then restart UDB Workbench to complete registration. Note: Internet connection is required by user usage license for software activation.
3. Could you describe more about the software activation?
Once you have inputted your serial number and registered name, UDB Workbench will send HTTP request via port 80 to activate the software. If you can access this website from the computer that running the software, you should be able to activate the software in a few seconds; otherwise, please follow the procedure specified in the Activation page to activate the software manually.
4. I lost my serial number, how do I do?
You can send an e-mail to Support and specify the e-mail address, the computer name or the registered name that you used during the purchase, our support executive will assist you.


1. Why does UDB Workbench fail to initialize? I'm running Windows XP.
Please make sure that UDB Workbench has read/write access to registry at HKCU, and option "Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity" in "Run As" dialog box is not checked.
2. When I tried to connect to DB2 I receive "Driver's SQLAllocHandle on SQL_HANDLE_ENV failed" error, I'm using Windows Vista or Windows 7.
Please make sure you run the program as "Administrator".